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When a person goes shopping with one person, then goes shopping immediately after with a third person but has no interest in buying or looking at anything because they were all shopped out from the first trip.
Stephen went shopping with his nasty ex girlfriend for five hours, and his friend Shane got his sloppy shopping seconds for about 45 minutes before he quit.
by Chika March 30, 2010
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A character in the hit anime/manga series, InuYasha, by Rumiko Takahashi. This demon controls man-eating wolves. He has shards of the Jewel in his right arm and feet. He uses Kagome in his battle with the gokurakucho. He falls in love with Kagome at first sight, and makes enough passes at her to anger Inuyasha.

Kouga's name means "Steel Fang."

Alternate spelling: Koga
"Because he 'has a tiny heart,' says Sota, Inuyasha is green with jealousy of Kouga, who makes repeated passes at Kagome."
by Chika July 21, 2005
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deserves a medal, (he or she)

A constant hard worker.

"You deserve a medal" is a commendation to someone for doing something oneself would not like to have done.
"Paul cleaned out the gutter for me, that man deserves a medal."
by Chika February 8, 2007
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A shipper of the Cloud x Tifa pairing from Final Fantasy VII.
Dee just bought a cloti doujinshi off of eBay!
by Chika July 21, 2005
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1. A rejection or refusal.

2. An explanation that something did not occur.

In either instance, "no dice" is used to indicate that there is no chance or probability of the event happening. Dice represents the likelyhood of whatever item taking place (by the roll of the die), and not having dice means that there is not even a slim chance.
Boy: Will you go out with me?
Girl: No dice. (No chance in hell.)

"I was hoping that I would run into her at the park, but no dice." (She was not at the park, therefore there was never any possibility.)
by Chika January 7, 2007
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The beautiful main heroine of the smash RPG hit, Final Fantasy VII. Aerith fell in love with the game's hero, Cloud, before sacrificing her life to save the planet. She later guides the Lifestream to defend the world from Meteor. Aerith sold flowers for a living, and was 22 when she met Cloud. Her best friend in the game was Tifa.

Alternate spelling: Aeris
Aerith smiled in her last moments.
by Chika July 22, 2005
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