n. The currency used in the University of Washington Greek System. One quanta of street cred is a "tablet".
Probe: "Why is Joel out in the alley with no shoes on kicking Psi-U's dumpster?"
E-Rock: "Dude, it's all good. He's gonna plan a biad with them, and earn us like 9 more street cred tablets."
by Stampy October 26, 2005
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credit used to by black people to buy food
Rosco: Hey, do you have any "street cred?"
Dominique: No, used it all up at churches chicken
Rosco: Did you get grape soda?
Rosco: Sweet
by cubicle of ice August 3, 2008
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You can't define Street Cred. You know it when you see it. Jay-Z has it. Basketball player Stephon Marbury personifies street cred. Brooklyn bred, handle born in the streets, just the right inflection in his speech, the can't-F-with-me strut. The little things. But he's also got an aspect of street cred that no worthy hipster can be without: mystery.
by Poetx July 1, 2005
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the bullshit credibility a celevrity gets when he does something fucked up
Kobe Bryant has street cred now because he's accused of rape.
by Nate July 25, 2003
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not always being from the ghettos or the hood, but going through a crappy childhood. rappers are usually liked more if they have a rags-to-riches story to tell. a wealthy kid could have tough, abusive parenting while very young and still have street cred. it basically consists of going through some shit as a kid.
that kid has went through some shit and is now getting along with his family. he has street cred
by dsssgfhdgsfhghgfdljd;hg September 26, 2005
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Short for Street Credits. Gained from raising your street crediblity. Can be used to purchase items on the street.
"Could I purchase an item from this store with some street credits?"
by Generic Gibbon May 5, 2016
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a term for Mr. McDick, your derranged P.E. coach from Middle School.
Mr. McDick: "Holla Bitches"
Some student: "Street Cred"
by Shadowchild451 May 6, 2008
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