n. A party hosted by two different groups (namely Fraternities) in one venue. A party with three hosts would be a TRIad, etc.
Probe: "Did you hear about Tekes' biad with Betas last night?
Eric: "Yeah, I heard it was the biggest Sausage Fest since the time Pirate House held a kegger."
by Stampy January 10, 2006
An acronym that stands for Burn It All Down.
"Millions are suffering and you want to play politics as usual? #BIAD"
by GPDouglas September 21, 2020
the better way of saying o my bad
invented by the thugs of CSB in the 'sco
commonly used word in parts like the fillmore
and richmond district, the mission, and the tenderloin
O is that your sister?
O EM BIADS!!!!!!!!
by Joseph Guadarrama April 15, 2006