Commanding a level of respect in an urban environment due to experience in or knowledge of issues affecting those environments
He's been thru it all. His street cred is undeniable.
by White Jesus August 28, 2006
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A series of points you gain within the 12-30 black year old community in order to gain respect:

5 point- Born black
5 point- Born in a single parent home
10 points- Born poor
50 points- Sold 'Hard' drugs.. crack, cocaine, Heroin
65 points- Been shot and survived
75 points- Been shot multiple times and survived
70 points- Gang member of crips or bloods
65 points- Been to prison
40 points- Been to Jail
20 points- Have at least 10 tattoos
20 points- Kicked out of high school or dropped out
20 points- 16 years old and have a baby mama
-75 Points- Born rich
-50 Points- Speak proper English
-60 Points- Have white friends
-5 Points- Born white
-95 Points- Born in a safe neighborhood
-100 Points- No criminal record
-40 Points- Live with both parents
-35 Points- Smile when someone takes your photo
-60 Points- Straight A student
-2000 Points- Born in Utah, Maine, New Hampshire, Montana or Arizona.
"I waz crip cuz, in prison bout 8 years pushing coke but check out them look gunshot wounds I got yo"

"Damm you got street cred yo! you rap?"

"I'm from Maine and got a 4.0 from Harvard. My parents are both on the fortune 500 list and are still together"-

"Man, you are wack you don't got now street cred you sucker"
by Jim Jam34 April 25, 2007
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"Word of mouth" credibility. As opposed to one's FICO score, which is "paper" credibility.
Is that guy legit?
Yeah, he has plenty of street cred.
by Texas Man July 9, 2016
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A term originated from upper middle class and corporate America to try to establish an achievement system on any act that sounds or seems "urban" or "ghetto" that they ultimately don't understand or have had no real life experience in.
"Street cred?" When was the last time someone from the ghetto actually used that term? There is a more common term used in the ghetto-- it's called respect.
by tehhuh March 25, 2008
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short for street credibility
(n)- repsect from urban communities. usually something essential for making it big in the rap world. it is wrongly percieved as being a straight up gansta or committing crimes. street cred is something one can earn, even a rich kid or suburb-dweller. if you have went through a tough childhood or life but have worked hard to make something of yourself (like me), then you can earn street cred, even if you are not from the streets. if ghetto kids like a rap artist who started out rich, but rapped about important things in life and is simply a good rapper, then that rapper has street cred. if you buy a rap album just because the rapper is gansta, then you are fucked up.
a funny thing is, most street rappers are not that great, some of the greatest lyricists of all time were not always from 'tha ghetto'
non-ghetto/street rappers who have earned street cred:
the streets to some extent
kanye west
rakim one of the greatest lyricists, who cares if he is street?
vanilla ice not really, he lied about it
ja rule he was not straight up gangsta, but has still earned much street cred, which was unfortunately lost
by this website is ruined September 15, 2005
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"I have so much street cred" - Jessica
"Jessica do you even know what that means?"
"Yeah it means swag."
by hoodrat14142 September 19, 2014
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Someone who grew up in a non-sheltered white boy neighborhood who had to fight claw and scratch his way to respectability and therefore has the credentials to be a self-sufficient person in this tough world. And by the way, anybody can have street cred. Anybody who had a rough childhood and tough upbringing and still managed to make something respectable out of their lives - they have street cred because they know what it takes to be succesful in this tough world.
The guy grew up in poverty and by his own hard work he is now a wealthy dude.
by Anonymous October 6, 2003
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