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A precocious basketball player who came to the NBA in 1996, plays to this day for the LA Lakers, has been to 7 championships and won 5, two of them without Shaquille O´neal. In the summer of 2003, he was accused of rape, but was found innocent of rape and guilty of adultery. In my opinion, the 2nd best player next to Michael Jordan.
Did you see that dunk by Kobe Bryant?
Yeah, what a spectacular dunk!
by david faustino April 20, 2012
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Shaq: "Pass the ball, Kobe!"

Kobe Bryant: "No, I got it."

Shaq: "That's it. I'm going to Miami."
by ProtectYaNeck September 03, 2005
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An athletically gifted, but terminally narcissistic, basketball player whose considerable assets are spoiled by his massive ego. Bryant has never been able to grasp the notion that the great players were made great by their ability to seperate themselves from the dynamics of team basketball, thus allowing them to naturally cultivate whatever abilities in turn immortalized them. Because of this colossal character flaw, Bryant will never help an NBA franchise experience the success of which a Bryant-helmed team would otherwise be capable.
Kobe Bryant just took the buzzer-shot, even though he was being triple teamed, and a polar bear was chewing the flesh off his right foot, and he was eighty-four feet away from the basket. Why didn't he pass the basketball to one of his four ridiculously unguarded teammates?
by MadSammyboy May 01, 2006
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an amazingly talented basketball player on the Los Angeles Lakers, who has been compared to MJ and who as of right now is the best player in the league!
Kobe Bryant is orgasmic. (:
by babycakes(: March 03, 2008
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To have sex with a woman and then be falsely accused of rape.
Joe: You know that girl i brought home last night? She's charging me for rape now!

Bill: Man, she's pulling a Kobe Bryant on you!
by tlg40 January 09, 2011
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The beastly leader of the Los Angeles Lakers. People say that hes a brat and he doesnt pass. This year he won his first NBA MVP title, and its about god damn time. He has been the best for a long time, and everyone knows it. People are just mad that he isnt on their team so they focus on off the court issues.
Look at Kobe Bryant that beast.
by laykerz nation July 22, 2008
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The best perimeter player in the league. Attacks the basket, plays defense, shoots the ball, rebounds, passes the ball, and runs the floor...he does everything and does everything well. very athletic and excels under pressure. Almost unblockable fadeaway. Won't find many players like him in the past nor the future. Will be a basketball legend, has a me-first attitude. 9 time all star selection, 7 all-nba teams, 6 all-defensive teams, 3 nba championships. Scored 81points in one game. Scores at a much higher percentage than most players capable of scoring 30points.(ie: gilbert,iverson, ect..) Dominates the game for his team on the offensive end when needed. Challenges himself by gaurding other teams best perimeter player. Has learned a lot with Shaq out of the team. People say Kobe screwed up the finals in 2004, but when all your role players left because Karl Malone and Gary Payton came in, then Malone gets injured and Payton decides he wants to suck, you leave a Lakers team with Jannero Pargo, Stanislav Medvedenko, Rick Fox, Maurice Carter, Jamal Sampson, Ime Udoka, Kareem Rush, Bryon Russell, and Derek Fisher to support Shaq and Kobe. No two man combo could win a championship with that kind of bench. This man seems to draw more haters than any player in the league because of the raped charged against him, the daggers he shoots into other teams, and the way he wins with the other team thinking, "wow.we just got lit up." Bound for a few more nba championships, at the pace the young Lakers team is running at. Hard work ethic, loves to prove media and fans wrong. By the time you read this you will think the writer of this is a dumbass and recieve over 1,000,000 comments worldwide from Kobe haters, but in the'll all come back suckin it. Kobe, the best player in the nba currently on the recovery from a rebuilding franchise.(They have only been rebuilding for what, two fuckin years and everyone says hes a ballhog cause his teammates couldn't do anything? From 2006-present, if any kobe haters actully want to watch a Lakers game instaed of search websites and start posting and hatin on kobe, watch a game, and just watch the Lakers run offense. Just to give you some stats, Hakeem Olajuwon led the league in shots taken 5times, yet no one called him a ballhog.)For all you that dont play civilized basketball aka playing for a good/school(nothing under highschool...or recreation crap) team, you wouldnt understand basketball anyways. People who actully play basketball praise Kobe Bryant because of what he can do. A guy on my team takes half of our teams shots but who cares? We need it to win and no one can stop him. Why not do it if you can do it? Keep wishing you were that good cause there are only a few who have the skill and work ethic that Kobe has that has made him the greatest player in the 21st century. yea. keep tryin to win a chip iverson, cause it aint gonna happen unless you change.
Kobe Bryant is leading his team into a highseed into the playoffs while the lakers are being classified as an elite 8 team in the nba....meanwhile iverson is in denver running around trying to score as much as he can and let his man go by so he can get a quick score so iverson can just run back and try to score again

Iverson-7assist per game...5 of those come from "im driving oh god the lanes blocked im gonna throw it in the middle randomly and i hope one of my centers catch it! goodluck trying to catch one of these bullets camby"

Dear Iverson,
Please dont screw Melo over. Thanks.
by BaLLiN. January 28, 2007
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