Also known as:
-Creds (k-reds)
-Tokens (tOe-KeNs)

1. Currency usually used in arcades. For each money value you place into an arcade machine, you get a credit.

Usually 1-5 credits are needed to play a game and can accept (depending on the arcade): Tokens, Nickels, Quarters, Swipe Cards, and on some occasions, free.

2. Coins for arcades;a.k.a. tokens.
"I need two more credits to play"

"Oh my god you just took my credits and spilled them all over the floor!"
by J4ck4ssN00b November 21, 2003
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A point at the end of a movie where unimportant people get to feel special... because they had a tiny role in its development.
"Look for my Wife's cousin's name in the credits of YES MAN, I think he played Doughnut Delivery Man #2"
by Canowoop@$$ December 31, 2009
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something realy realy long and boring
"this partys fucking credits"

"ur fucking credits bitch"
by adam2790 May 17, 2006
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Something many entertainers get endless amounts of for any amount of work they do. There are enough people in the world who wouldn't want to live in a world without movies/music/tv, there are also many people who either seem to worship entertainers, or try to get other people to do so. They're powerful people, but they are just people at the end of the day.
He/she sure does get plenty of credit for any amount of work they put in to what they do, he/she also tends to get credit for each gesture they make to others.
by Solid Mantis May 25, 2019
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(n.) An allowance of money. Giving a person or organisation credit makes them a debtor, and you, thier creditor.
We are £40,000 in credit with you.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 9, 2004
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To put an end to something that another person is saying. Derived from the ending of a tv show where the credits start rolling.
"Okay, I've heard enough bitching about your ex....Credits!"


"The credits are rolling, it's over!"

May also be used with a gesture; index finger pointed outward and making a circular motion.
by Barbiehuss August 23, 2010
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