A genetically modified form of carbonated water containing grape flavoring. This deliciously addictive substance was first introduced to inner city black communities in the 1950's as a way of suppressing people of color by causing hypertension and/or high blood pressure. In the early 90's government scientists again altered Grape Soda by adding certain compounds, that when mixed with Newports and Hot Cheetos, creates a euphoric high. This convenience store trifecta of unhealthy choices has destroyed the black community and Grape Soda is truly the genesis of the plight of the African Amercan in the United States today.
Larry done had a Newport with his hot Cheetos, but this Grape Soda gonna have him lit, son!!!
by Martin J McFly September 16, 2016
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A tasty soft drink that Blacks can't get enough of. It's often accompanied by a bag of barbequed potato chips. This combo can be eaten as breakfast lunch or dinner.
"Yo man, get me a bag of barbqued chips, and don't forget my grape soda."
by Whitey Black August 12, 2008
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(1) n. A delicious beverage found in the white palms of urban dwellers across the United States.

(2) n. Slang term used to describe those inclined to drink grape soda.
(1) Miles arrived to the anticipated enthusiasm of his ghetto brethren after picking up a sixer of grape soda from the convenience store.

(2) The neighborhood has gone to crap -- I saw a some grape sodas moving into the corner home.
by Webster June 25, 2004
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Only the greatest, most awesome and tasty beverage ever.
Not only for Blacks. Super White's like it too.
Omg! Did you just see that skinny white boy down 4 grape soda's?
by Dermont Aurylius August 09, 2009
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The new drink of black guys everywhere.
"Shit nigga, wanna get sum kool aid?"
"Naw son, da crackas be all up on dat shit, grape soda is da new drink of niggas everywhere."
by The Shakespearean Antagonist August 29, 2009
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