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When you fist someone's ass until it bleeds then spread the blood over both cheeks with your erect penis, like spreading jam on toast.
I strawberry jammed your sister on Wednesday.
by darthnathan January 14, 2008
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also, the act of dildo-ing yourself and/or others during menses (that's another word for 'period'), referring also to the aftermath of mung and chud which can further be used as a party favor.
1. Godd@m i love to eat your pussy after you strawberry jam that fucker.

2. Oh baby! there's still some strawberry jam crust on your favorite dildo from LAST month; do you want to use it anyway?
by pharaohmoan June 08, 2009
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When you floss so vigorously that when you spit, it is tinted red, due to the blood from flossing.
by veganichispanic January 02, 2018
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