rubbing your tongue on a girlsclit.
male:hey babe you want me to eat your pussy.
Female: fuck yeah.
by ADingo8MyBaby August 13, 2018
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27th of november is <<lick your girls pussy day>>. The day where you get to eat her out as often as you desire
bf: Hey babe can I eat that pussy?
gf: I want you to.

- 1 hour later
bf: Want me to eat your pussy?
gf: Didn't you do that like an hour ago?
bf: Well it's eat your girls pussy day.
by gilfiswhatineed November 22, 2021
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The 12th of may is!

The day where you get to eat,lick,makeout with your milf moms pussy and give her the great time that slut needs
Yes sweetie

Take them panties off
Why sweetheart
Because it’s…
National eat your moms pussy day
by Ilovemymilfmom May 12, 2023
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