(N.) A device used as a sex toy normally amongst homosexual couples (gay males and lesbian females). Basically, a latex or plastic penis-shaped dong that is used by connecting it to some sort of harness that straps around the waist. Hence the name. Used as if it were a part of the body.

Not to be confused with a DILDO or a VIBRATOR.

Also see STRAP.
We just went to the specialty store and bought a new strap on, it's great!
by Lia'-Alida May 21, 2005
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An object with a dildo attached to it and used for lesbian sex.
Rosemary has Funtime with a Strap on with a partner, while Erik Kaspar watched.
by Mr. Remkis March 18, 2014
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a stick shift piloted by a lesbian, particularly a large truck.
Becky had to pick up her girlfriend, however her strap on was boxed in.
by ShinOni August 25, 2010
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A dildo attached to a harness made of leather to be worn around the waste, used female for female pleasure and lesbian use or female to male use from behind
"I want to be fucked in the ass hard by a girl with a strap on while her girlfriend watches in pleasure"
"My girlfriend was taking me from behind with her strap on as I watched in the mirror going back and forth again and again"
by theCARS7879 July 03, 2016
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A sex toy that resembles a belt with an erect dildo (cock) on it. This is a must for lesbian and adventurous heterosexual couples. One partner puts on the strap on and acts like the man and proceeds to have vaginal intercourse (lesbian) and the woman becomes the insertive partner in anal intercourse with her boyfriend.
I love the way Kyle and I are so sexually adventurous. Last night I brought home a strap-on and made him my bitch for the night. I hope he doesn't go bi or gay on me because he enjoyed that just a little too much I think. But then again, bisexuality may be next on our bucket list.

dildo sex toy
by TheBigCanucklehead March 21, 2015
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A strap on dildo, commonly used as an insult to someone.
1. "give me the fucking ball you strap on before i fuck you up"
2. "oh shutup mum go fuk one of your strap ons"
by Sam Picone April 03, 2006
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