a dildo with a strap or harness which will attach to the waist hips or groin. mostly used by lesbians and can be made out of leather or steel.
les1:hey hunni go get the strap-on.
les2:ok luv, shall u wear it or shall i?
by abz-kat August 1, 2006
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get ready for some physical action. from football and strapping on a helmet before intense action.
hey homeboy, strap it on and let's go.
hey baby, strap it on and ride me.
by snappy2 February 25, 2008
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To wear a concealed weapon attached to your leg or thigh by a strap or strap(s).
I hear that Vlad is strapping for that fight after school today.
by Ypfaction February 17, 2010
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a fake penis attached to the body by a strap, often used by lesbian females to perform intercourse. also used by experimenting chicks who want to know what it feels like to have a penis.
Ceci: "Dude, I'm a chick. I want a strap-on so bad!"

Kelly walked in with a strap on and said, "Angelina, I'm ready for round three."
by sexypeni January 30, 2008
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A slang term for a jockstrap.

A guy wearing a jockstrap is said to be strapped, or strapping.
Straps were required under our shorts for gym at the high school I went to. The gym teachers would do random strap checks - by having us pull down our shorts or sweatpants just enough to show we were strappin'. Any unstrapped boys would have to sit out class, and get detention.
by DaveInNY April 27, 2008
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a dildo attached to a harness made of leather to be worn around the waste, female for female pleasure and lesbian use or female to male use from behind. Many enjoy strap on play and is said to be fun
"I want to be fucked in the ass hard by a girl with a 8 inch black rubber strap on while her girlfriend watches in pleasure"
"My girlfriend was taking me from behind with her strap on as I watched in the mirror of her going back and forth again and again"
by theCARS7879 January 2, 2018
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