not of consequence, incredibly small
The actual amount of useful information on this site is negligible
by me... or is it you July 22, 2003
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Edit the video and/or audio of a clip to make (a) certain noun(s) seem and/or sound unpleasant.
The editor negligated a clip from America’s Got Talent to make Bonavega look like a guifakist.
by LightTheEmber June 19, 2020
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When you answer the door or walk by open windows in your negligee.
She opted to throw a towel over her skimpy night gown lest someone catch her in a moment of negligeence.
by hothotgeek November 23, 2004
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The word which is the weakness to many youtubers like kryptonite is for superman
Someone:Hey can you spell negligable
by CunningMan December 22, 2020
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Dean is negligent.
Stop being so negligent.
Top quality negligence there!
Dean, you're negligent.
by ronneh! December 20, 2005
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Not leaving a severely autistic man alone to have free reign while you fuck his roommate. That's not negligence.
Hym "Yeah, negligence is real bad. Reeeeeal bad. I care so much about everyone else. Their lives are so valuable to me."

Iam "They don't care about the details. They want one guy to win and the other to lose."

Hym "Oh, I know. Just screaming into the void."
by Hym Iam May 18, 2022
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Someone who have great power.
Wow, this guy is Negligents! He have power to carry heavy things!
by Dudevictor123 March 15, 2016
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