having casual sex with
he was stooping his best friends sister; i have been stooping the girl next door
by spamanfa May 26, 2007
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Taken from Stupid. a complete idiot. Written and said twice to emphasize what a complete moron someone is!
Hey stoop stoop, 2 plus 2 does not equal 7! My friend Erick is a total stoop stoop!
by Brian Wick March 08, 2006
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(noun) used to describe someone who is acting out of stupidity. not neccesarily a stupid person but somone who does and says stupid things
Kara trips and falls on her face and M'Kayla and Sarena run by and say, "Ahahahahaahahaha Kara! You're such a stoop stoop!"
by callmecrazycauseimoncrack November 23, 2010
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verb - to hang out on ones front steps, porch, or stoop, usually in large quantities, and for long periods of time.
"yo me and chalky were stooping it up at j-dubs"
by jimbotron3 November 11, 2006
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(n) the front steps of an apartment building
I spend most of my summer nights just chillin' with friends on the stoop, talking about whatever. Sometimes, Mrs. Jones gets pissed 'cause we get too loud and she's right there on the first floor, but she knows we ain't making no trouble.
by thaKingRocka May 20, 2011
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Stoops is a way of saying stupid, it was coined in the movie kids "
damn i buff and the other kid would be like stoops"
by Peanut butta Hipopotmous October 25, 2003
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