I spend most of my summer nights just chillin' with friends on the stoop, talking about whatever. Sometimes, Mrs. Jones gets pissed 'cause we get too loud and she's right there on the first floor, but she knows we ain't making no trouble.
by thaKingRocka May 20, 2011
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one that exemplifies qualities of a dumbass, or a stupid person.
Guy #1: "yo my man! why you eyein my boo?"
Guy #2: "i was eyein the tits next to her, ya stoop!"
by Moniqua Black December 27, 2008
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Verb: meaning to "get down with that." or reach a lower level. Most commonly used with a positive connotation, like "I'll stoop to that."

Other Uses:

2. a dance move meaning to physically get low in the squat position.

3. a threat, like "Stoop to me, bitch"
Person 1: "Hey did you hear Lucy's having a party?"

Person 2: "Yeah that sounds lame let's not go and instead let's go paint balling."

Person 1: "ok I can stoop to that"
by 50ShadesOfPale May 20, 2015
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The place where chillaxin usually occurs, prodominately an area known as the front fuckin porch.
As we walked up to the house we found two fellas chillaxin on the stoop and so we asked..."Who's house is this?" they responded "You rollin up to a party and you don't even know whos place it is?!...Well then come on in!"
by atron June 11, 2007
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something that is so pointless or stupid that it doesn't even hold the right to be called stupid.
Billy "I would really enjoy going out for some nice ballroom dancing or toast and bacon."

Dan "you're stoop."
by Doomwaffle December 7, 2010
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term used when you are relating your sexual experience with a hot woman the night before
Ex 1: say, would care to stoop tonight?

Ex. 2: man, I spent the entire night out with her and then went back to her place where I stooped her good and hard
by Juvencio Pike February 3, 2005
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Possibly the gayest word you could call someone, right up there with Dudette.
My cousin: You're such a stoop!

Me: You're such a queer.
by captainpirate May 14, 2004
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