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Having the quality of being really, really, really, stupid
That movie was so stoopid that it is spelled with two o's.
by Anthony Leong April 29, 2005

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A non-existent information source cited in research when published sources do not exist (e.g., anecdotal information, unpublished industry knowledge), or when presented material was spontaneously created by the author (e.g., a novel framework to explain a business issue). Derived from the phrase 'pulled it out of my ass', contemporized to the age of the Internet.
Antoine: Where did you get all this industry information from? I thought there were very few published studies to research from.

Anthony: MyAss.com
by Anthony Leong April 28, 2005

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Derogatory term used to describe someone tasked with creating a Powerpoint presentation that will be presented by someone else.
You better clear your calendar. I heard that Sales & Marketing wants you to be their slide bitch for their upcoming executive retreat.
by Anthony Leong July 06, 2005

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To format an existing document into a defined template, such as placing a generic Powerpoint presentation into a company template
I don't like the generic Powerpoint layout of these slides... please templify with our company presentation layout.
by Anthony Leong April 29, 2005

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Short form for 'image swapped'. An image being hotlinked by an outside user is substituted with another image that bears advertising or is embarassing to the hotlinker.
I was linking to a picture of Tom Cruise on this guy's website, but I was swap'd when he switched it for a picture of Osama bin Laden.
by Anthony Leong April 29, 2005

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To be out of contact due to one not having their Blackberry device with them.
Our boss will be deberried while he is away next week. You'll only be able to contact him at his home.
by Anthony Leong April 29, 2005

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Portmonteau of 'cheaper' and 'tastier', having the qualities of both.
The food at this restaurant is much chastier than the place we usually eat at.
by Anthony Leong May 03, 2005

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