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having sex with a girl doggy-style in the pool, in deep enough water that she has to keep paddling to stay afloat.
"I was in the pool with Catherine, and we ended up steamboating! The huffing and puffing when she ran out of breath only made it better!"
by Sinker23 May 23, 2006
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the act of motor boating your anus on a females breast and letting out subtle, noiseless farts.
"hey Johnathan, i bet you wont ask that lady is you could steam-boat her."
"whats steam-boating"
"you know farting on her tits"
"oh, well here i go"
by Racial_slut January 26, 2018
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The act of exhaling clouds of loud in between some fat ass thot titties, thus creating the Mount St. Helen’s Effect of marijuana smoke gently escaping the crevous/air pocket formed between two pushed-together breasts.
I just walked in on Todd steamboating Heather and I’ve never smelled such dank shit before!
by Bert Durffle March 27, 2019
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