robbing/lashing somebody for everything they have
damn there finna lash the weed man, he sold some shake to me
by YFN CJ December 8, 2022
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a night on the town heavily drinking with your friends, pub crawling.
We were out on the town having a lash with our mates!

That was a good lash last night.
by Bromi November 7, 2005
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to go out have a good time drink loads, smoking loads, and bantering and pulling loads of people
by nitta_54321 March 31, 2008
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lash means 2 have raw sex
i lashed dat gyal da ova day
by 1luv February 23, 2005
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wen u b lashin a mandem/galdem
ur basically avin sex init
standard procedure
i musta spot some beanie, got on him, lashim him str81
i lash some sket last nite! boi she sukk my dik dry!
by Laydee Krazee (d original!) December 1, 2005
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To fUk SuM1..."i got lashed by ma man and he lashed me good"
"he lashed me at ma yard..suked ma juice so hard dat it bled..."
by PaWz AkA BaBy bAsH March 2, 2005
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To rudely leave a person or people without an explantion or apology.
"Oh my god, Ashlee lashed us for that slut Tina again!"
by cRaZy-HuNNii December 1, 2004
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