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Just another way to over-pronounce 'stop'. Usually used in non-serious situations, typically, this word gets dragged out and yelled at other people and/or things.
Example one:
P1: Call me daddy! *Moans loudly*
P2: Fucking STAPH!

Example two:
Phone: *Freezes on Pornhub*
P1: Phone... Don't do this to me.
Phone: *Unfreezes only to malfunction and play the audio out loud on full volume*
by Golf Daddii July 11, 2017
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An infection usually associated with surgery that can spread through the body and cause death. BTW its very contagious gl all you doctors
A: A doctor gave johnny staph during surgery.
B: Cool! Now we can beat the third level of dungeons and dragons!
A: He died...
by c0ntr0l October 11, 2007
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