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Bianca is one of the best friends you'll ever meet. To start off, Bianca is gorgeous. She has a perfect body and gorgeous hair. She doesn't always know it, but she is one of the prettiest girls anyone around her will ever meet. Along with her beauty, Bianca is one of the best friends you'll ever have. She's hysterical, sarcastic and overall fun to be around. You never fail to have fun when you're around Bianca. Bianca is adventurous. She does what she likes and doesn't follow exactly what people want her to do. Bianca is one of the most fun girls you will ever meet and is willing to do anything for her friends. She is protective over the people around her and the people she loves. There is no one in this world that can possible hate Bianca... unless they're jealous.
by Iloveu101 July 18, 2017
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A beautiful, smart, and intelligent girl. One who is wise. A girl who is not afraid of what the future holds for her. Doesn't care what people think or say about her. She won't stop until she accomplishes what her goal is. She if a fighter with an attitude so you better not mess with her. She can beat you up with her pinky. She presents her self well and looks out for her friends and family.
by Mia123462 January 03, 2015
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Bianca is a beautiful ,caring girl with a HUGE heart she has many haters because she's so gorgeous compared to alot of female ,she has classs & respect . Bianca also see's the REAL world not a fairytale . she'll tell everyone straight up how it is even if its not the nicest thing!
Bianca has all her real friends back , she's beyond loveable. she cares about everyone even the ones she dislikes .
by someone that knows BIANCA! December 30, 2011
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a little strange, but amazingly beautiful. she has hard times but tries to make people happy at the same time. she may not just be into boys. she has her layers. she is just the best. she loves music also.
Person 1: omg is that My Chemical Romance!?
Person 2: yea, i found it on Bianca's playlist.
by Her Best Fren June 14, 2017
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Bianca is Italian name meaning "fair" and "white"
Biancas are you usually outgoing and true to people. Bianca's will always be there to fight for you. They will make all your problems thiers just so you dont have to got threw them alone. Bianca's are true and honest. They will always be straight up with you.
Guy 1. Do you think look hot??(;
Bianca- To be honest no sorry.
Guy 2.haha she was straight up with you.
by bankrob shot January 08, 2015
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Not every Bianca is like this she is a girl that loves her friends loves to roleplay will do anything for her friends. She may be insecure sometimes but she doesn't let that stop her. That's my form I know this because I am a Bianca.
Friend: hi bianca.. Bianca: what's wrong? Friend: my boyfriend is cheating on me. Bianca: I'll be right back...
by TheNotSoLonely November 22, 2017
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Bianca's are amazing!!! They are amazing best friends for life. They might not think their smart but they are. They are beautiful and are not afraid to punch someone if they get in their way. They are tough and athletic. They are really funny and can be crazy. She is never shy and doesn't care what anyone thinks. When it comes to boys she is friends with them allllll. She is shy around the one she likes but gets them eventually. She is brave, awesome and crazy but that why you love her. She is a tomboy but can be really girly. They are overall amazing and you should never let them go no matter what happens between you.
Girl #1-I wish we knew that girls name
Girl #2- It's Bianca
Girl#1-How do u know
Girl#2-Because she's AMAZING
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by Space Bubble May 19, 2018
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