Bianca is beautiful. Bianca has long, flowy hair and perfect eyebrows. She also has an amazing body. She may not realize this and doesn't have great self-esteem; but everyone knows how pretty she is. Besides her beauty, Bianca is a strong, kind, funny and athletic girl. She is a great friend and very understanding and compassionate. She is very supportive of her friends and not judgemental at all. She's sarcastic, hilarious, and fun to be around. She isn't a perfect student, but cares about school and makes an effort, and she understands the world well.She takes sports seriously being a great athlete and enjoys competition. Bianca has been through a lot, and suffered a lot but she is a strong girl. Bianca also values love and romance a lot, which people often mistake as her being boy-crazy. She doesn't usually like someone, but when she does she's head over heels. She doesn't have a great relationship with her family but loves her friends. Bianca is introverted and enjoys time to herself, reading a book or watching old movies. She often keeps or emotions and problems to herself due to this. Anyway, Bianca is an amazing girl, and whatever your relationship with her, don't let her go!
bianca? oh yeah I know her she's so pretty!

She's the best player on the team....

Yeah, she likes to read a lot and be by herself; but she's actually really friendly when you talk to her!
by TessaStansberry June 24, 2019
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Amazing at everything, has a great personality and is the most intelligent person you will ever meet. Bianca has a strong heart and soul and will stick to what she believes is true. Many think her to be stubborn because of this. She doesn’t like to be in a position she has little control in and hates the usual ‘girly thing’. (Like shopping, dancing and dresses). She is an intelligent person and enjoys seeing people happy and making them laugh. She likes people to think she’s on top of everything when she actually is hiding a lot. Bianca can hide her emotions which can be dangerous when they build up over a long time.

Bianca is beautiful and makes others jealous by her good looks and intelligent brain. Bianca can be anything she wants to be, whether it be an athlete or an artist. She is capable of anything but does not always have the motivation for it. She is a joy to be around and one of the best people you will ever meet. Bianca is a treasure who you should keep, held tight and never let go. If a Bianca bonds with you, you should never let anything get between it. A Bianca is loyal and a good friend. She can listen and help if you ask. She can be both sarcastic and understanding at times.

Bianca will always be by your side, whether you’re friends or family.
Bianca is an amazing human being
by Happy reading February 18, 2021
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A beautiful, smart, and intelligent girl. One who is wise. A girl who is not afraid of what the future holds for her. Doesn't care what people think or say about her. She won't stop until she accomplishes what her goal is. She if a fighter with an attitude so you better not mess with her. She can beat you up with her pinky. She presents her self well and looks out for her friends and family.
by Mia123462 January 4, 2015
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Bianca's are amazing!!! They are amazing best friends for life. They might not think their smart but they are. They are beautiful and are not afraid to punch someone if they get in their way. They are tough and athletic. They are really funny and can be crazy. She is never shy and doesn't care what anyone thinks. When it comes to boys she is friends with them allllll. She is shy around the one she likes but gets them eventually. She is brave, awesome and crazy but that why you love her. She is a tomboy but can be really girly. They are overall amazing and you should never let them go no matter what happens between you.
Girl #1-I wish we knew that girls name
Girl #2- It's Bianca
Girl#1-How do u know
Girl#2-Because she's AMAZING
by Space Bubble April 2, 2018
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A girl who is beautiful , she is always taken for granted and has fake friends throughout time , but she always finds a real friend , she always makes you laugh even if your sad , and she will be there for you no matter what , she's nice , stylish ,kind and doesn't care what people think
I wish I didn't take bianca for granted because now I miss her
by Mystery will stay on December 5, 2016
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Bianca is a beautiful ,caring girl with a HUGE heart she has many haters because she's so gorgeous compared to alot of female ,she has classs & respect . Bianca also see's the REAL world not a fairytale . she'll tell everyone straight up how it is even if its not the nicest thing!
Bianca has all her real friends back , she's beyond loveable. she cares about everyone even the ones she dislikes .
by someone that knows BIANCA! December 30, 2011
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Very attractive girl, who intimidates men with her intelligence. Very very hard to get or to even approach her. You will gain her interest only with intellect and politeness, but this recipe won't guarantee anything, because she is a mystery girl. However, once you get together, you will have the time of your life. Endless possibilities and feelings will await you, so don't give up on her.
Guy: Would you go out with me?
Bianca: Are you smart?
Guy: Kind of.
Bianca. Jeez, no thanks.

G1: Have you seen Bianca, the new smart girl?
G2: No, does she look good?
G1: Man, never seen anything like this before.
G1: Bummer, you'll probably have to be very smart for her.
by Pierre Mercier October 12, 2017
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