having laid back fun or creating a really calming environment.
1. that was a really stagg party last night
2. Radiohead is a pretty stagg band
by Allyyyy June 29, 2007
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A male who likes to live life. Parties, women, cars etc...
Lets put a racing track here where guys can ride around in their car all day while getting their dick sucked by hot chicks. We'll call that place "Stagg world".
by Dick_H July 11, 2005
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Stagg: A Drumkit company.
i just got a stagg kit...great for starting off playing!
by Drummer/one May 26, 2007
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1--Noun Describing a Place - Relaxed, Chill, A "Good-time"

2--Noun Describing a Thing - Sick, Wicked, Baller, Insane, Nasty, Cool, Sweet, Nice

The word is used primarily in the Northeast US with the whole skate, surf, ski culture. It's exact place of origin was The Cape or as foreigners know it, Cape Cop...

(Not to be confused with Stag)
-Yo Man, that was a stagg party last night
-Yeah bro, totally, it was really chill

-Dude, you see those waves
-Yeah man, they look so stagg
-Totally, they must be riding really nice

It can also be used in the following ways:
To describe how great something is: "This car is stagg!"
To show amazement: "Wow, that game is so stagg!"
To describe the weather: "Man, it's such a stagg day today!"

Another way to use it, if you really want to sound like you are from the Northeast, say "Wicked Stagg"
by Obee June 28, 2007
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Stagg kids are truly a breed of their own. They range from the overly rich clout chasing racists to the clinically insane kids who brag about being on the FBI watch list. 70% of the school is white, their favorite activities include saying "nigger" when the coast is clear, wearing yoga pants 365 days a year, spending money on concerts for artists they don't listen to, scraning "foenem", and wearing cornrows for just a hint of cultural appropriation. The rest of the population is mostly Arabic kids who are always talking shit about you when they aren't speaking English, some black kids who post too much on their snap story, and like 3 mexicans. Stagg kids as a whole enjoy: going to football games even though we never win, getting cops called on them, trying to get with an unknown freshman, getting McDonald's shut down, throwing ragers, and fighting. There are 5 types of Stagg kids: the one who lost their virginity in 6th grade, the chill one(usually high), one who gets escorted to school by the police, the rich one, the band kid. Stagg kids are extremely funny and always keep you on your toes. Over all, stagg kids know how to party and learn how to deal with problems themselves. The school year is riddled with fights and drug test but hey at least you're not a Sandburg kid right?!
"My dads sending me to brother rice because he doesn't want me to hang around stagg kids"
by ambermoonshine October 17, 2019
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A D \/ D a fuckin sweet kid a toker a gangsta
Oh fuck here comes Staggs hes gonna kill us
by LopsidedElf June 2, 2004
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Jerome:Man my stagg is outta this world
Billy: Yea dude, where'd u get them shoes from
by Sexcii_Taurus April 18, 2009
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