See pothead.

Someone who smokes pot, marijuana, Mary Janes.. yea you know the drill ~ the good stuff!
I'm a smoker.
I'm a joker.
I'm a midnight toker!
by Dick Jones April 14, 2004
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Someone who smokes mad pot.
"Dude, i think that guy's a toker, he reeks of pot."
"Yeah, man"
by myownrevolution February 6, 2005
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1. An educated cannabis smoker who knows about the various types and strains of the glorious herb, and their effects on the human body; including medicinal uses.
2. Someone who does not like to be refered to as a pothead or stoner, for they know far more than the average smoker and feel that he or she deserves a more fitting title than that of someone, who when brought to the attention that there are many different strains says, "Weed is weed!".
3. Someone who always has really good herb because they know what to get when making a purchase.
"I'm not a pothead, I'm a Toker; for a an educated smoker."

"Oh no, Timmy doesnt fuck around; he's definately a Toker"
by Sirus2008 September 25, 2008
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Spanish slang term referring to a firearm, usually a pistol, believed to be of low quality. The term Tokere is a crude Spanish transliterated nickname of the Soviet Tokarev TT33 pistol, which became available as Soviet aid to insurrectionist groups in Latin America in the 50's. Most of these donated Tokarev TT33 pistols where used models from WWII, many where badly worn and therefore received a reputation of not being dependable. Term can also be used to a firearm that is badly worn or of dubious origin. Tokere may also refer to home made firearms, or to an inexpensive copy or counterfeit of a popular firearm.
To the uninformed buyer, the Makarov PM pistol may appear to be a tokere of a Walther PPK.
by Los Torta! March 10, 2012
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Toker-Somebody who smokes the nice grass
by Unkrautmann July 11, 2008
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"Look at all the Tokers by the Ernie Ball stage."
by dwiggster October 20, 2012
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