Pilot slang for the transponder code being used to indentify the aircraft on radar. The code is made up of four digits, and all codes are used but 0000, try using that code in a civilian aircraft and watch how fast the air force lights your ass up. For normal flight the code is 1200, Hijack code is 7500, radio being jammed is 7600 and general mayday call is 7700. These are discrete codes from 7600 to 7677 and 7701 to 7785 also, but I cant tell you what they are for...
Jetblue 834 this is Dulles Control, squawk 4932 please and climb to 15000.

Roger dulles control, squawking.
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 13, 2003
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verb; To mess up, choke, blunder, or fail solely because of one's own mistake
"I don't think Lindsey will be going out with me any time soon. I called her Jessica... then Victoria when I tried to correct myself. I squawked that one up big time."
by TimidObserver February 19, 2010
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