Used to make really -really- good games... But then... look what happened.
Squaresoft? They used to be great. But now their Final Fantasy is just a label for cash.
by Shiva Elf July 9, 2003
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We make bloated video discs and spend millions of dollars marketing them. The gameplay and plot are not important because the name of our products is enough to sell millions of copies like hot cakes.
Te success of my company is proof enough that a sucker is born every second.
by Squaresoft executive October 18, 2003
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An RPG company that has founded its modern roots during the era of the NES/Master System. Almost at the end of its line, it decided to create an RPG which was appropriately named "Final Fantasy". However, the game founded a surprisingly popularity among gamers and the company found itself surviving. It went on to create Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III for the NES.

It is the days of the SNES to which many gamers say is when SquareSoft was at the pinnacle of talent for RPGs. During this era, they created Final Fantasy IV (praised for its epic story), Final Fantasy V (which perfectly the job system originally conceived in Final Fantasy III), and Final Fantasy VI (praised for its epic scope of gameplay). Also during this time, Square also created what many considered to be one of the finest RPGs ever conceived, Chrono Trigger. Included in their SNES string of successes was Secret of Mana, Bahamut Lagoon, Treasure Hunter G, and so on. It is also notable that their first and only collaboration with Nintendo has resulted in Super Mario RPG, which was well received by fans of both companies.

With the arrival of the N64/Saturn/PSX, Square had a falling out with Nintendo and they decided to work on the PSX. While they have created what is their most popular and most well known game to date on the PSX (Final Fantasy VII), it is widely considered that they were not as good as they were on the SNES due to their string of failures. Many sequels (Legend of Mana, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VIII-IX) were considered to be inferior to their predecessors. However, their successes were well received. Games such as Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Tactics, Xenogears, and Valkyrie Profile gave their reputation a tremendous boost despite their failures.

With the arrival of the next generation systems (PS2, GameCube, XBox). After the PS2 single-handed crushed Sega's DreamCast, Square soon followed later with Final Fantasy X. While FFX is a commercial success, it was plagued by criticism from time of release and is still considered to be inferior by many (especially fans of older Final Fantasies). This plus many other flops including The Bouncer, Final Fantasy: Spirits Within (a movie), and Unlimited Saga helped to humble Square.

Later on during this generation, a mega announcement was made of Square merging with its long time RPG competitor, Enix. The new company became known as Square Enix and it quickly became known as RPG company supreme.

Also during this generation, Square Enix decided to branch out somewhat. They created their first direct sequel entitled "Final Fantasy X-2", made their first MMORPG called "Final Fantasy XI, collaborated with Disney for Kingdom Hearts, and many are speculating that Final Fantasy XII will make a triumphant return to the Final Fantasy roots of the SNES days. However, that remains to be seen. Included on Enix's side of things is the first 3D Star Ocean and Dragon Warrior.

Future new projects include many derivatives of Final Fantasy VII (most well known of which is Advent Children).
Square Enix: Most well known for Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, and Star Ocean.
by BusinessMan April 17, 2005
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A company that created the ever popular Final Fantasy game lord knows how long ago, which was intended to be their last game, but due to the extreme liking of the game, it didn't flop like their previous attempts... it actually went on to become one of the largest RPG companies in all of history.

Anyway, after a while, they switched to Sony and it's Playstation because Sony was smart enough to realize that discs should be the media for it's video games. Discs were cheaper, had more space, were easy to manufacture, and memory cards ensured multiple disc games. Of course Nintendo had memory cards too, but people didn't buy many because cartidges look like a big memory card. Go figure.

Obviously, Nintendo must have gotten sober sooner or later, with the invention of the N64:DD (Disc Drive) which never made it to America, but would have toasted PS1. Because Nintendo was being dumb, they get what they deserve.

Anyway, around this time, FFVII was being created. Many people fell in love with it's characters, plot, gameplay, and graphics(at the time). A huge boost in Sony and Square's reputation, they just needed to make sure not to fuck it up.

FF8 sounded great at first. Great FMVs, improved graphics, love storyline, etc. Because it barely made sense, after it's novelty boost, it became a total flop. Nice waste of a good reputation. A villain who just-so-happens to have nothing to do with the story. Oh wait, she does! Oh wait- what's going on? Whos this mofo?

After this, Square obviously knew that there was something wrong. So they attempted to make FF9 everything that made FFVII and their originals great. Unfortunately, it sucked. Nice attempt, but no cookie. The last boss had nothing to do with the game, character customation was difficult, the position you were put in made you feel like beating the game would promote nothing for the first 3/4 of the game. Just along for the ride I guess. Okay game, but it 1/3 of the game didn't feel like you were promoting anything. Maybe underage sex.

Now comes our Next-gen games. Because Nintendo got smart, and decided on using the disc, a bright future was guarenteed for Square and Nintendo. Until we found out that it kinda sucked. Okay game, but it's not worth the money to buy a Gamecube, and even if you already have one, the game doesn't live up to it's worth. Better to buy at a yardsale or flea market.

Back to Sony. With the release of FFX, gamers were in for a treat. If Tidus didn't sound like a girl, I would give it a 10/10. Actually, maybe a 9/10. Anywho, it brought the 'feel' back to the story, that your actions actually promoted something. Of course, everything else didn't reflect FF's origins, but whether or not it was 'good' is up to you.
Of course, FFX had it's resolution at the end, but left us hanging. They continued with X-2, the first direct sequel. Personally, I wish I was still hanging. It's great to see what everyone is up to and what-not, but it's story and style sucked. Gameplay was okay, but didn't really reflect the story. The garmet grid could have easily been changed to job grid or something, but who am I to say?

Lets get back on track with FFXI. It definetly has the 'feel' of the originals, fused along with great gameplay, many jobs, and the fact that it is a MMORPG. Let the monthly fee be it's downfall.

Final Fantasy XII is next in line. Looks like another attempt to get back on track, fusing great gameplay with a good storyline and graphics. Of course, Ashe is made to be fucking hot, but I think that will be a trait for Final Fantasies in future generations to follow.

Things to wait for are:
-Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
-Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis
-Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
-Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cereberus
-Final Fantasy XII
-Kingdom Hearts II
-Whatever the next Enix game is
-Taking Back Sunday's next album
All the Final Fantasy games are great, just not worthy of the Final Fantasy title.

And of course, X-2. Last place.
by Brittany January 7, 2005
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Squaresoft (n) - The state achieved by placing a rumble pack on your genitals.
Lara put the rumble pak on her genitals and achieved Squaresoft.
by Rastalizard February 17, 2004
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