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-part of the HSS series
-stands for hott single and on a break
P1-"do you know his status?"
P2-"yea, i think he's HSB. but he should be HSS soon, or so i hear."
by Brittany January 9, 2005
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Someone Who say like a thousand times. . its annoying! Sheesh, i sometimes talk like. . this (Dis lolz)yea and I am a blonde, so it's not all blondes that are teeny boppers. . . ok so yea bye now
(sumone)hiyaz. . u thurrrz
me) umm hi?
sumone)_ helloz wuzzzzup
me0- n2m but u need to chill out fakie
sumone)_ fakie?? ur callin me a fake. . . whatever like u stupid bimbo enyways shut up lyke iwanted ot ltk to u enyways byeeez
me0- w/e bye
by Brittany November 26, 2003
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That party was crunk yao ming?
by Brittany December 13, 2004
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dick or a males part or a penis
I wanna bounce on his falosapus!
by Brittany December 9, 2004
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means the same thing as radical, awsome, or sweet...u get the idea.
Those new shoes are totally tobular dude
by Brittany January 11, 2005
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A sexy monkey with a hott butt! with getto butties!
Dang! that monkeys got it going on!Expecially that monkey's butt!
by Brittany November 22, 2003
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