Dirge is an epic dagger from the mmorpg wow, wich one day for unknown reasons, became the object of the longest spam session in tradechat ever.
Silvermoon server trade channel:
Player1: Crafting Dirge, your mats my nether!
Player1: WTS Dirge
Player2: Shut the Dirge up!
Player3: I Got my Dirge right here in my pants...
Player4: Stop spamming Dirge or ill report you all!!!
Player5: DirgeDirgeDirgeDirge! hahahaha lol11!!1 What are you Dirge'ing about? xD
Player9: Who let the Dirge out??
........3 hours later!
Player13: Come on guys! The fun is over...
Player82: MAY THE Dirge BE WITH YOU!
Player11: Reported.
Player26: I dont give a Dirge if you report me, haha
by ElMona December 10, 2007
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Australian slang for a cone of bong resin mixed with tobacco. Often smoked as a last resort.
"I'm out of choof and I'm broke! We're fucked!"

"Nah we're not, let's have dirge cones!"
by Esh1r January 2, 2009
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One of the six scout class found in the online multiplayer game, Everquest 2. Dirges have musical spells and are generally considered a support utility class used for providing offensive group buffs to other Fighter and Scout classes ingroup.
I play a dirge to help our raid group DPS more...
by Seanguy October 28, 2010
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Codeword often used by homosexual predators to announce their presence to other predators in a cyber-environment. This is to ensure they don't accidentally court each other into a conversation. These types of predators generally are homosexual and pedophiles.
World of Warcraft:
2. Trade Randompersonb : Hello everyone! Dirge!
by Bobthebuilderwhorulesall January 24, 2008
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To cum unexpectedly and violently, often releasing a large amount.
Dude, your mother was sucking my dick last night and dirged all over her face.
by Blackjesusis#1 May 14, 2011
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"A dirge for her, the doubly dead. In that she died so young" ~ A verse in Edgaer Allen Poe's "Lenore"
by Dirge January 30, 2005
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An item within the game World of Warcraft of "epic" quality. The item has been the subject of an in-game fad, where it has been exessively linked in chat channels (spammed), usually in along with attempts at a humorous segway, and/or replacing a word in a sentence with the item name.

Responses to the spamming, which can occur over several hours/days, is usually received with contempt, which incites the bandwagoners to increase their spamming.
by The Malevolent Peon December 12, 2007
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