Originating from the choir James Hall & Worship & Praise; to scream as loud as you can, with the deepest, darkest, richest most powerful vibrato the human anatomy can take.
That tenor can squal the heck outta that song!

YouTUBE: James Hall & Worship & Praise, Patrick Riddick, Kevin Terry & Predestined, E.Tony Gains & Victory etc.
by ViBRATOboy May 05, 2010
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Rare term characterizing a person or being of unmatched natural character; Of the highest grade genetically, aesthetically, and temperamentally.
He is one in a million, there is no-one out there as amazing as he. He is a Squals.
by zsbrocaveli December 06, 2008
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1. The feeling you get when your so hungover that if you stand too upright you will Puke but if you lean too far forward you will shit your ass. So you Walk around all day using baby steps and stoping every so often not to breathe but just to "Exhale". While Leaning over just enough so you wont Crop Dust wherever you happen to be.

2. The actual Act of Projectile Puking and Explosive Shitting at the same time as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.

3. Green Power-aid / White Grape Power-aid
Example 1. Dude, Slow Down Your walking to fast... I might fucking Squal whats your rush.

Example 2. Duuuuude... I Squaled ALLLLL Over the Scuz Last Night and got the boot. Fer Fuck Sakes.

Example 3. Hey? Have you Ever Had White Squal? "No dude I Haven't Squaled my ass since Hulak's Beer Night? Why?". I ment the White Power-aid you Adian.
by Zemmer Da Beerz September 27, 2010
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