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another word for a spaz.
NOTE: a dingus is NOT a stupid person, because a dingus is someone who can make you laugh by doing stupid THINGS, but they are not stupid people. a stupid person is an idiot. idiot and dingus are different.
(your friend is rocking back and forth on their chair and it topples over, thus flinging them across the room)

you say "dude, you're such a DINGUS"
by dingus April 27, 2003

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an American fascist.
Trent Lott is a real repugnican.
by dingus September 22, 2004

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colloquiallism used to indicate to others a need to flee when law enforcement draws near.
Squale! The pigs are out to arrest another non-white person and put him in jail for shit that a white person would not even get stopped for! Fuck the police!
by Dingus June 11, 2004

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Good Fucking Game
Good Fucking Game
by dingus March 06, 2003

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penis, wang, donniker, schlong schwanz
He put his one eyed wonder worm in her muff.
by Dingus July 11, 2003

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to signify that someone has just dissed someone out.
if the disser goes "yo mama so fat, when she turns around its her birthday" (or any other kind of diss)

you say "SHAZAM!"
by dingus April 27, 2003

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place, house.
"yo we be up in this hizzo"
"that hizzo was tight"
"theres gona be a get together at my hizzo"
by dingus April 27, 2003

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