A singing technique to give a voice a vibrating sound.
To be an opera singer, you must have a nice vibrato.
by The Soom November 23, 2006
I was practicing my vibrato all night ;)
by Sai O'hare March 6, 2017
The word that describes all that I hate about Christian Aguilera: vibrato!
"Christina Aguilera is known for an often infuriating overuse of vibrato"
by The Highlander November 12, 2006
Vibrating toe, used for sexual stimulation.
Girl 1: I'm so horny, and my dildo broke.
Girl 2: Here, use my Vibratoe!
by ambaaa November 12, 2006
A person who sings or plays any form of music that can have vibrato, and adds a lot of vibrato to their playing to make it sound better to hide how bad they suck, because that is all they know how to do.
Woah, look at her play the violin, it sounds so good
No, she sucks. All she is is a vibrato slut.
by Someone_abcdefg November 7, 2007
When a amateur singer(s), or musician abuses the use of vibrato, because they think it sound good.
Person 1; wow shes a great sing
Person 2; no she's just a vibrato whore
by Seleadrian January 16, 2010
The act of placing a cell phone into your partner's anus while having vaginal sex. With the phone set to vibrate mode, call the cell phone, creating a vibration effect in the vagina. This process is repeated until orgasm is achieved.

"But I don't want to ruin my cell phone doin' that nasty Vienna Vibrato!"
"That's okay baby, I picked up a Tracfone, just for you."
by Wolfpig March 11, 2008