Phrase used to suggest something. You can use "Come we" as you would "Let's...".
"Come we go to the shop." (Let's go to the shop.)
by Jason Forbes December 29, 2005
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When you see a cop you dip quick way to say that there is a cop and to leave.
Cop come we dipp!! / hit the feets
by Abgkali69 January 25, 2020
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Theme song shared by Huntington Beach protestors and viruses alike.
As thousands of Californians stormed the beach to protest stay-at-home orders, the Coronavirus joined them in singing "Surf City, here we come!
by Monkey's Dad May 2, 2020
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(eye-cum-frum-frAnse-we-dAnse)A terrible song played during Marching Band practices.
The song I come from france, we dance played at the marching band practice, and every single person there hated it.
by Kirbyfan2525 May 21, 2023
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