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Function: verb
1. To spoon forcefully or aggressively
2. To spoon without consent
I'm going to melonball you whether you like it or not.
by Sean_ February 04, 2008
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the dastardly trick of distracting someone in public for long enough to put your testicles in their drink and then return to the bar.
the luchadors de muerto are playing at pearl, hide your drinks, they're melonballers.
by t-diddy October 12, 2004
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An air headed person who thoroughly believes that they saw something or someone that really was not there; a dumbfounded hallucination
Niki: Wow, Adam thought he saw me at a Jonas Brothers concert.
Abigail: What a melon ball!
by abigailBASS August 09, 2008
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A fruity, easy-to-drink cocktail made from melon liqueur, vodka, and pineapple juice. Traditionally served in a tall glass, but bars and clubs often serve them as high-profit, low alcohol shooters paraded around on a tray by a waitress whose attractiveness increases steadily as the night wears on.
Boilermakers? No no, my friend. You're too lightweight for that, better stick to the melonballs or ginger ale.
by AnthemOne July 02, 2006
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the act of fucking a canteloupe (also; melonballing, melonballs, etc)
i wasn't in the mood to masturbate, so i just went to the kitchen and gave myself a melonball instead
by chocomel July 21, 2004
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