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A sprite comic staring Megaman and his friends, one that where Megaman is stupid, Bass is just as stupid, and paradoxes and plot holes are galore
Dude, did you read the new Bob and George? It had many plot holes in it today.
by The Feind Ninja Zach January 07, 2006
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The daily comic strip. Created by David Anez, it was meant to be a hand-drawn comic, but instead started as a sprite comic revolving around the Megaman universe. A few failed attempts at a hand-drawn comic appeared here and there, but it never became permanent. The first comic was on April 1 2000, and lasted more than six years. It was the first decent sprite web-comic, and inspired sprite comics like 8-bit theatre. The title characters, Bob and George, didn't appear for a while, and that became a problem. So David introduce sprite forms of Bob(Napalm in the hand-drawn parts) and George(or Blitz). Bob was a gray Protoman recolor with red hair beneath his helmet, and George was a blue and gray recolor of megaman with blonde hair. Bob had the power to manipulate fire (hence Napalm) and George had the power to manipulate lightning (hence Blitz). The author also had sprite form of himself, a purple megaman recolor, to mostly to criticize his own work and to break the fourth wall to be funny. Most of the storylines involved time travel, parallel universes, and Megaman game parodies, with an annual villian to attempt to kill everybody. In general, Megaman and Bass are stupid, Protoman is mysterious and aloof, Roll is bitchy, Dr. Light is a drunk, fat old man, Dr. Wily is incompetent, X is a pacifist (pansy), Zero looks like a girl, and everyone enjoys telling him that, and Ran is a Soviet-bot. The comic is now situated at, along with some other sprite comics.
X: What is that?
Protoman: It's a sickly met.
Sickly Met: *cough*
X: Maybe if I wait, it will die of natural causes...

From Bob and George the Comic Strip
by Physics Geek July 24, 2009
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