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A show most people watch for the chance to see people you want to insult get insulted by critics. Some contestents don't deserve to be insulted but 90% of them should be slapped for thinking sing.
Bob: Lets watch American Idol and see idiots try to sing!
by Oz March 8, 2005
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Usually a man wiser than your dad, always the head of the family. Sometimes a man who fought a war to protect his own country and family. Always a playa, you know how they do.
All they gotta do is act like the wise man they are and they could get any girl except they got their wife at home.
Grandpa Bob: Want to hear a joke?
Sam: sure grandpa
Grandpa Bob: I never saw a purple cow I never hope to see one, but I can tell you anyhow I'd rather see than be one!
Sam: I don't get it
Grandpa Bob: When you become wiser you will.
by Oz January 18, 2005
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One of the funniest comedians of the 90's. Starred in many hilarious movies such as Tommy Boy, Almost Hero's, Black Sheep, Beverly Hills Ninja and more. Due to depression because of being overweight Chris Farley dove into a downward cycle that unfortunately ended his life on December 18th 1997. Cause of death was overdose.
God bless Chris Farley and rest in peace. May he bring hilarity to Heaven.
by Oz January 1, 2005
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The savior of the christian people. Christians believe he is the son of god and the messiah. They also believe he died for man kinds sins against each other. No real proof exists that he ever lived. That, like every religion, does not stop people from following in the way of jesus.
Jesus was crucified, man that must of sucked.
by Oz March 20, 2005
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"Cum let's get sum boom tingz and get mash up"
by Oz August 8, 2003
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A reply generally given by bentnose boys to the law-abiding consumer to convince them goods are legit. Now often used sarcastically to refer to stolen goods.
Lula Mae: This TV is very affordable. It's not stolen is it?
Vinny the Mafioso: Nah, it fell off the back of a truck
by Oz November 8, 2003
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