Sporking: The act of spooning with three people. Like a spork, which is a spoon and three pointed ends, you cuddle with three people.
The girl walked over to her two friends cuddling, making a spork.
by CWFM October 09, 2011
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a implement used in the consumption of food. It is a piece of cutlery combining elements of Both spoon and fork. Creating something that can be used to eat both Pasta and soup.
" Dude, these noodles are too runny for my fork!"

" Then use a Spork..........Tool"
by Lewie D July 20, 2008
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A spork is the most awesome eating utensil known to man. It is the combination of a spoon and a fork and should be used to eat corn. Because corn is equally awesome.
Paco used his spork to scoop the corn on his plate and then to stab the last few delicious pieces.
by Sporkey McAwesome March 20, 2008
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Somewhat like the force but with much more power. Those with the spork rule over others, much like StarWars but sadly, the lightsabers are the mortal enemy of the spork and the movie could not contain both great creations.
Yoda - Strong within you the spork is!
Jim - No kidding, Bill scared the shit out of me and I almost inhaled it! Oh wait, did you say spork, I thought you was on about the f***ing force again. Damn I am sick of that shit.
Yoda - mmmm
by (pro'n Cass-I) August 10, 2007
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Spooning while incidentally giving the shocker
Spooning is soft, caring, intimate, gay, and non productive so I gave her the spork instead.
by The Dave August 01, 2008
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