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Inhaling household items to get high.

ie. spray paint, glue, paint thinner
Man, Sam's trippin nasty, he's been spooking all day.

Yeah spray paint will do that shit to you.
by SeΓ±or Badeass October 21, 2007
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to stalk, check-out, creep, watch, look at.
John: Have you seen the new girl at school?
Pablo: No, what's her name? I'm gonna go spooking on her facebook.

Sarah: Did you see that guy spooking on you when we passed by?
Jane: Wow. What a creeper.
by spooksterPRO August 17, 2010
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'Spooking', sometimes referred to as 'The Spook' is a dangeous and controversial sex act in which the souls of those involved are released from the body during particularly rigorous intercourse. The souls then join in, creating a supernatural orgy.
I've just cum some sort of ghost and it's making love to your soul. I'm spooking!
by Joe & Natalie November 01, 2010
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using household liquids (paint thinner, sharpies, etc.) to get high. In its most common form, the liquid is applied to a bandanna and put over the nose and mouth so one is breathing it in constantly. Though extremely stupid, it does give a good high.
"Why is that kid wearing a bandanna inside?" - Kid 1
"Dude, he's spooking! Look at how loopy he is!" - Kid 2
by xVRevanVx February 09, 2011
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The act of simultaneously 'spooning' and indulging in sexual intercourse with ones sexual partner. Also referred to as 'surprise sex'.
I had thought that it was an affectionate cuddle but alas it was a thoroughly good spooking!

'I would give her a good spooking!'
by mousie85 November 25, 2009
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Spooking occurs by Pulling Into a bushes chicken parking Lot where two cars face eachother. You then wait for the owners to return to there vehicle. Once they have all seated you turn on your car and blast your high beams, which then causing them to throw there hands up and squint, often mouthing profanities in disgust.(Note) Being creatures of the night the light startles them, and they no longer blend in withthe night. Thus the term spooking
Spooking:As defined above
by The tittie December 20, 2009
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