when you rub your genitalia with your hands, then touch sombodies face. (preferably in the mouth region.)
Bro, i spoofed Tim sooo bad today.. he straight Shat!
by omg_123 March 7, 2007
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Fucking a prostitute with your friend a foot away fucking a prostitute
Todd and Carlos spoof a spoof new years and they said it was awesome
by realniggaG January 4, 2014
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When magicians shoot heroin.
When we invited Mr. Houdini to the kids birthday party, we weren't expecting him to be spoofing in the bathroom right after he disappeared.
by FoxyPhil21 March 11, 2019
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The act of a magician (usually of the type seen at children’s birthday parties) taking heroin while on the job.
Don’t hire that guy for your kid’s birthday party, he’ll go into the bathroom and start Spoofing
by Sparks flame March 12, 2019
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In the context of the game "Ingress", spoofing, or being a spoofer, means the intentional manipulation of a player's GPS location in order to access locations without actually traveling there.

This action varies based on the device being used to play the game, but includes rapid directional motion of a device (similar to "throwing" the device without letting go), use of GPS-altering software, etc.

Spoofing is forbidden in the game's Terms of Service.
Player 1: "Man, he's standing right there! How did he hit that portal a block away?!"

Player 2: "He's obviously spoofing. Damn toads."
by EliteFerrex April 17, 2014
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in Australia, spoof means cum, jizz, sperm etc. etc... we always find it funny when americans use it to describe a parody (see def. 1) hehehe. btw, to get the accent, the 'oo' sound is the same as in 'book'
she doesn't like the taste of spoof....
by Anonymous May 6, 2003
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a parody of a movie, song, etc.
Spaceballs is a spoof of Star Wars
by Shanomac May 6, 2003
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