When magicians shoot heroin.
When we invited Mr. Houdini to the kids birthday party, we weren't expecting him to be spoofing in the bathroom right after he disappeared.
by FoxyPhil21 March 11, 2019
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In the context of the game "Ingress", spoofing, or being a spoofer, means the intentional manipulation of a player's GPS location in order to access locations without actually traveling there.

This action varies based on the device being used to play the game, but includes rapid directional motion of a device (similar to "throwing" the device without letting go), use of GPS-altering software, etc.

Spoofing is forbidden in the game's Terms of Service.
Player 1: "Man, he's standing right there! How did he hit that portal a block away?!"

Player 2: "He's obviously spoofing. Damn toads."
by EliteFerrex April 17, 2014
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Analougous to 'creeping' on myspace, facebook, or similar entiity.

A: What are you doing?
B: Not much, sitting in my room drinking a little water out of my blue cup and spoofing on facebook. I found a hot broad, i'll send you the link so you can spoof her.
by korn262201 February 24, 2008
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To Smoke Crystal Methanphetimines. To Be tweekin. To Be spun offa ur ass.
Look at that skinny hoe....she be spoofing.
by Hyphy Ky-Ky Mayne November 12, 2006
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When you fall on a soft surface
"After a long day, spoofing on your bed feels so good", ''I'm sorry I broke your sofa, I just spoofed on it''
by yuh it's angie April 24, 2021
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In New Zealand, spoofing refers to cumming, jizzing, ejaculating and so on and so forth.
I am spoofing right now as we speak. I just spoofed all over your grandmother's face. Hey! Is that spoof on your collar?
by Kmannz May 31, 2010
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A guessing game where each person holds zero to three coins in one hand behind his back. The person who guesses closest to the actual total among all in the group drops out. Last person remaining buys the sodas.
We were spoofing, and Bob lost again! That's three times this week.
by Scrivener July 5, 2006
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