n. Possibly of Australian origin.

1. A viscous whitish secretion of the male reproductive organs, containing spermatozoa and consisting of secretions of the testes, seminal vesicles, prostate, and bulbourethral glands. Also called seminal fluid.

2. Beer with little taste and low alcohol content.
"Crikey!" exlaimed Jilly Goulden, "nothing to drink but 48 cans of spoof."
by Robert D Sykes April 26, 2005
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A home-made device used while exhaling smoke through it to cover up a smell.

They are usually made by the cardboard roll of a toilet paper roll and fabric softeners. The fabric softeners are then put inside of the roll(you can use anywhere from 5 to 25 sheets of fabric softeners). Then you put a couple pieces of tape over one end to stop the softeners from falling out.
Jerry: "Use the SPOOF next time you exhale your smoke. It smells bad in here."
by robbob-JAKE-bob August 24, 2008
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It is when you take a bottle put dryer sheets in side. burn a hole somewhere at the other end of the big hole After you hit is over blow into one of the holes and the smoke wont smell
i used a spoof yesterday
by v69 February 28, 2007
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A method of cracking porn sites using target and referal URLs.
I dont know how spoofing works, but it's free wordpR0n/word
by Toolbox November 03, 2003
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A slang term, most commonly used in Northern Ireland; to 'spoof' means to lie/talk shit.
guy 1:Here did i tell you that fit bird (girl) gave me her number!
guy 2: SPOOF!
by iheartyerma April 21, 2009
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Spoof: The coughing that occurs after taking a big hit of weed.
OMG! I literally spoofed for almost 5 minutes after taking a rip off of that chronic!!!
by Emonowski May 31, 2016
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Impersonation. Identity hacking. Pretending to be another sex, or age, or color, or weight, or ethicality, or someone else altogether.
I spoof to get the guy's password.
by konholio February 15, 2005
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