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1. A very large Buick from the mid-70's that can be pimped out like no other.

2. Specifically, a Buick Electra 225.

3. In modern times, used to describe anything that contains the number 225.
1. I put some Eighteens on my '76 Deuce and a Quarter and she's been proppa-pimp ever since.

2. Forget about a '76 Caddy with a five hundred, I've got a Deuce and a Quarter wit a fo fiddy fi.

3. Wow! That bass boat went screaming by. Must have had a deuce and a quarter on the back.
by ButtFuzz June 17, 2003

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Hot toddy is a name used in the English-speaking world (originally Scotland) for a mixed drink that is served hot. There are many variations.

Many of these 'concoctions' are rumored to cure colds, ease flu symptoms and aid in sleeping.

Here are two prime examples:

1 tbsp honey
3/4 glass tea
2 shots brandy
1 slice lemon

Brew tea and fill a tall glass 3/4 full. Mix in honey. Mix in brandy shots. Add lemon slice and enjoy.

1 1/2 oz bourbon whiskey
1/4 oz lemon juice
3/4 oz sugar syrup
1 slice lemon
1 clove
4 oz hot water

Heat in a heat-resistant glass, and fill with hot water. Add a lemon slice speared with a clove, and serve.
Duke of Flanders: "Margaret, I'm freezing cold! Bring me a hot toddy and prepare the bedchamber."

Red Foxx: "Elizabeth, get me a hot toddy and I'll be ready for nighty-night. Freddy is ready for beddy."

by ButtFuzz August 21, 2006

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To be hung like a horse.
To have a long johnson.

Any of various oriental names used to describe asians with large penii.

Also, see Hung Low

Loretta and I were at the late-night porno show and suddenly this well endowed oriental gentleman appeared onscreen.

"His name must be Wun Hung Lo!" shouted my wife.
by ButtFuzz August 22, 2006

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The position in which a horny woman may be found awaiting coitus.
Q. What did the blond put behind her ears to attract a man?

A. Her ankles!
by ButtFuzz July 15, 2005

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One who likes to perform anal intercourse.

Plural: BunBusters

Also the name of a short-lived series of Porn Movies by "The Dark Brothers".

White Bunbusters (1985)
Black Bunbusters (1985)
My girl Pam sure likes it up the ass. Just call me 'The Bunbuster'.

Lyricslyrics from the porn movie follow:

"Baby, I was just sittin' here, lookin' at the stars, and thinkin' about that time we tried anal sex...
And it didn't work out...
Well, Baby, I want you to listen good, 'cause ya know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna call the White Bun Busters...
And they're gonna bust yer fuckin' buns!!!"
by ButtFuzz August 01, 2006

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A nasty looking or foul-smelling (or both) female, usually from the eastern part of North Carolina.

This adjective was in use long before skank.
Whilst passing through Greenville, I spied two skunkmollies standing on the corner. One had a mattress on her back and yelled "curb service!" as I drove past.
by ButtFuzz June 17, 2003

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It's actually "wookin' pa nub"...

This was first popularized by Eddie Murphy on a SNL skit entitled "Buckwheat Sings" or something of that nature. The premise is that Buckwheat is trying to sell a record album of greatest hits, inluding "Fee Times a Mady", "Wookin' Po Nub", and this unintelligible "Betty Davis Eyes" thing.
Fee Times a Mady"

(and I nub noo...)
by ButtFuzz May 27, 2004

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