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The position in which a horny woman may be found awaiting coitus.
Q. What did the blond put behind her ears to attract a man?

A. Her ankles!
by ButtFuzz July 15, 2005
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One who likes to perform anal intercourse.

Plural: BunBusters

Also the name of a short-lived series of Porn Movies by "The Dark Brothers".

White Bunbusters (1985)
Black Bunbusters (1985)
My girl Pam sure likes it up the ass. Just call me 'The Bunbuster'.

Lyricslyrics from the porn movie follow:

"Baby, I was just sittin' here, lookin' at the stars, and thinkin' about that time we tried anal sex...
And it didn't work out...
Well, Baby, I want you to listen good, 'cause ya know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna call the White Bun Busters...
And they're gonna bust yer fuckin' buns!!!"
by ButtFuzz August 01, 2006
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One, usually gay, that likes poking another in the buttocks-hole.

A gay man.

I'm so sad I chose Glenn as my college roommate. Turns out he's akin to Dark Vader the Bung Raider.

Ouch, babe!
by ButtFuzz November 08, 2006
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To have a person deep throat a penis until the gag reflex produces vomitus projectilus.

Derived from a dirty nursury rhyme popular in the 1970's:

"Eat Me Raw,
Balls'n all!
Don't stop there,
Get a little hair!"

Modern use is usually derogatory, see example
"Yo! Faggott! Eat Me balls'n all"
by ButtFuzz May 28, 2004
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It's actually "wookin' pa nub"...

This was first popularized by Eddie Murphy on a SNL skit entitled "Buckwheat Sings" or something of that nature. The premise is that Buckwheat is trying to sell a record album of greatest hits, inluding "Fee Times a Mady", "Wookin' Po Nub", and this unintelligible "Betty Davis Eyes" thing.
Fee Times a Mady"

(and I nub noo...)
by ButtFuzz May 27, 2004
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A bag (as in something to hold groceries), usually small.

A sack, a baggie, a brown bag, paper or plastic?
I gotta poke full o' weed, yo!
by ButtFuzz May 24, 2004
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1. A fast redhead.

2. A tempting seductress with red hair.

3. Neat and tidy trimming of a (true) Redhead's pubes, giving the appearance of a small drag strip leading to her nether regions.

My dreams came true last evening when Lindsay took me home and proved, indeed, she was a scarlet speedster.
by ButtFuzz August 16, 2006
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