A sign of acknowledgdement, in a positive light
"Yo wanna smoke up this fat Bleez of Purp?"

"shoot it!"

"Yo that girl is looking banging I'm gonna go talk to her"

"shoot that shot.."
by Leroy Higgins & Lenny Ducano January 15, 2008
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a request to deliver, transmit, or give something.
"hey your boy got that info, you want it?"
"shoot it!"
by smellsOfStars June 20, 2019
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the act of spilling your love juices. can be imitated by the use of the shake-weight
Chi Chen I love it when you shoot shoot all over my face. I like the saltiness and mountain dew residue
by suckysucky5dollar December 14, 2010
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Alternative word to shit or crap. when you dont want to say "shit" or "crap", just say "shoot".
Kate: Oh shoot i forgot my bag! let me go and get it

by sarah_A April 19, 2008
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The only correct response to "Can I ask you a question?" besides "You just did."
"Can I ask you a question?"
by Lairor December 9, 2004
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typically used by island folk that is commonly used as an acknowledgement or an informal farewell.
guy 1: alright man im outta here.

islander: sounds good. shoots.

guy 1: later man
by greenmonster81 September 8, 2010
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