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An irritating individual that you call a friend but you don't really get on with due to

a) the fact they are a sponger
b) they constantly backstab you and all of your real friends
c) they have an artificial sense of superiority, which comes from them reading one book, making them an instant expert on a subject
d) they only know you when they want something major(ref sponger)
e) they are a transparent manipulator
f) they show unashamed arrogance when displaying their worldy knowledge to others.

Psychologically unbalanced, they struggle to take control of their life, and in the process compensate by controlling other peoples.

Often spotted by these character traits: Narrow minded, open mouthed, short on social skills and tells tall stories.
Phew, my mates invited me to a barbecue! Saves from meeting up with your 'pseudofriends'.
by missadventure November 01, 2006
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when a person acts nice to you like there your friend but are not really your friend.
For example the person at the checkout counter " have a nice day" ect. Or a cop its sir all over till they find pot in your car ect. then its put your fucking hands behind your back ect.
How many people that act like your friend would snitch on you if they knew you were growing pot ect.
That teacher is just a pseudofriend.
by Deep blue 2012 November 05, 2009
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