A reason why little 9 year olds shouldn't be allowed in this website. It saddens me that people atcually like this crap.
Some one :"A cartoon character on Nickelodeon. He is a yellow, square-shaped, friendly sponge who works at the Krusty Krab.

He lives in a pineapple under the sea. Absorbant and yellow and porous is he."

Me:Fuck off anklebitter, i shoot yo mutha fukin soccer mom! and Spongebob can go to hell and suck demon's balls.
by StankySam January 26, 2007
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according to the chruch: Spongebob is gay. what the fuck took them so long. he has the gayist voice, and everything that the show does he gay. now im no homophobe but the church took a long time to say that spongebob is a gay. Im jewish and even I know that spongebob is gay.

u know what?? spongebob is the antichrist.
spongebob is the antichrist and theres nothing we can do about it.
by Bearded Abe March 01, 2005
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A sponge whos name is bob, and his choice of lifestyle is to wear square pants. He lives in a pineapple under the sea, and has many other great frieneds such as a starfish, crab, squid, and a squirll!
Hey did you watch spongebob on nickoloden last night?

yeah i love that show!!
by thecoolguy123 April 18, 2009
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verb: the act of having sexual intercourse with; the act of masturbating.
adjective: hot.
Originated from high school kids who wanted to talk about the above without anyone knowing what they were talking about.
I want to spongebob her so badly!

She looks like spongebob!
by Doug_AK February 13, 2008
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damn thoose people who think spongebob is funny!
Spongebob is a lame sponge who acts homo. The worst gift I
ever got was a pack of spongebob DVD's.
I guess its for lamo's who like stupid humor.
Also a word for people who act like retards to be "cool"

#1 look spongebobs kissing patrick like the lame homo he is.
#2 hey here comes spongebob. What a dork!
by huskiefan August 04, 2006
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