interjection. Mispronunciation of "boring" when interupting a person speaking about an uninteresting subject, brought into popularity by Homestar Runner on
So we take the hypoteneuse of the triangle and using logorhythm of the apex, we can plainly ...

... BOWING! Let's talk about something else.
by Marc February 25, 2004
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To Draw or Push.
We all laughed our ass off when we saw the dog Bowing in the grass. Loud screams were heard when Judy was lying there Bowing till the Dr. deliverd the baby.
by anonymous January 4, 2004
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Not all dudes are into bowing, but Matt and Kim do it after their wild bathroom romps.
by Sea Gull July 31, 2018
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To hit someone with a two punch combination.
They squared up and Joe hit him, bow bow, and dropped his ass
by Heiziniamhim October 22, 2015
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Bow - As dubbed by King Zias is a formal greeting substituted in place of other greetings. By decree of King Zias all "Bow's" must be answered with a "Hello" thus in a sentence it would sound like, "Bow, hello"
#zias #blou #bowhello #bow #hello
Zias - "Bow"
B. Lou - "Hello"
by sshafer2k August 10, 2018
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Hey man what's the PR on a bow??
by d.rose October 22, 2013
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When it’s too cold to use your hands to congratulate someone on a good diss so you have to use your elbow instead. Was invented by The grime artists Asap Mossy and K hus.
by Big Ghana man October 22, 2018
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