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The act of shaking or swinging a video game controller to cause an action to occur on screen in the game.
"To swing Link's sword, you have to waggle the Wii Remote."
by J.Fo June 22, 2007
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(N) a group of penises (generally considered to be 3 or more). Analogous to a flock of sheep or a murder of crows.
1. John was shocked as he opened the Playgirl and was confronted by not one or two, but an entire waggle of penises in the centerfold.
2. "Hey Hooch, check out that waggle of penises over on the nude beach!"
3. The graffiti in on the bathroom stall door was thoroughly graphic, containing seven crudely drawn boobs and an entire waggle of peni.
by Chainsaw Jigs January 30, 2014
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Major indegestion and diarrhea after consuming shitty university dining hall food.
Tonight after dinner, I will go to the laundry and spew waggles into the dryers.
by Sammy Teal March 27, 2012
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The act of shaking your rear end in a festive manner, while pumping your arms like your running.
"Look at Thomas dance, he sure can waggle"
"Fuck the macarena, let's fucking waggle"
by chris, realmp May 23, 2007
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The process in which you wiggle your arm while waving your hand because you are too intoxicated to know the difference between the two.

Also can be referred to as "Wagglin'"
I was so high, all I could do was Waggle at the guy across the room.
by lovereally October 25, 2010
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