102 definitions by Zonal K

A shit ring left around your wrist after fisting someone's arse.
He wiped his nose and recoiled with disgust... He forgot he was wearing an anal bangle from last night's session with Jane.
by Zonal K October 7, 2019
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The darkish artwork smeared on the toilet bowl after someone has disposed of their used-food.
She decided she'd never host a party again, after spending half the day cleaning the ceramic mascara from her toilet bowls.
by Zonal K June 24, 2018
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When your bowels open up unexpectedly, leading to rapid feacal fallout.
Henry was up on stage when he felt it happen. It was fucken Chernobowel. Shit was everywhere.
by Zonal K October 1, 2019
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A hard wad of shit that is expelled from the anus.
Im not letting Duncan ride in my car again. He got drunk and peppered my back seat with colon cartridges.
by Zonal K September 25, 2018
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An amount of spare human shit kept by the toilet (normally in a container) for people to throw into the bowl if they are having trouble shitting. This is normally done to make them feel better for wasting time on the bowel bowl.
After 10 minutes on the shitter, Sam realised he was going to need to dip into his feacal contingency.
by Zonal K September 20, 2019
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The smell given off when human shit gets vigorously rubbed, often (but not always) during heavy anal pumping.
A guy on the bus today shat in his hand and masturbated with it.. you could smell the feacal friction....
by Zonal K September 25, 2018
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He was shocked to see the cult leader pumping his wife's feacal relief chute.
by Zonal K September 30, 2019
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