An agent who has the freedom to eliminate any threat he perceives in any manner he sees fit.

Usually such agents are covered by "plausible deniability" - the agent is told what his job is, but not through the normal chain of command, so that the orders are not recorded. This way, if the agent is captured or killed, the government who sent the agent can claim that he was a rogue agent, acting without official orders or permission.
by Macavity January 23, 2004
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One of the few true stealth games on the market. Popular, but still underrated really. Brought us something new for a change (Spy vs Merc multiplayer) and really fun co-op (Chaos Theory).
Casual gamers love to dispute over Splinter Cell and MGS. One popular argument being "he has 3 green lights on his head how can the dumb guards not see him?!". It is widely known that that is Sam's trademark, the guards don't actually see it. A better comparison might be Splinter Cell and Thief.
by GOERNR May 16, 2006
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The technical definition of being a splinter cell means working alone, being invisible, and using agility and wits to infiltrate enemy compounds to achieve your goals. A splinter cell also has the right to exercise the "Fifth Freedom" - vaguely described as ability to eliminate any threat as seen fit without question.
I am a splinter cell.
by Dave Hill October 22, 2003
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the only game that uses more night vision than paris hillton.
splinter cell uses alot of night vision. paris hilton likes to make sex tapes. with night vision.
by placebox December 4, 2007
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Another term for a splinter cell is a type of cell (aka : militia-type group) that is seperated into an, often secret, location.

Splinter Cell is the name of a kickass game from Tom Clancy (even though there is a claim that he had no relation whatsoever to its development), brought to us by Ubisoft. Sam Fisher is a splinter cell, working overseas by himself, but equipped with technology that lets his buddies in the US government pinpoint his every location and every doing.
"Being monitored 24-7 sounds like hell actually."
by Dave March 26, 2004
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