Chaos theory is a rule involving anything in nature. In essence, it considers all data to be in infinite correlation, no matter how random the data may seem. In economics, it refers to the fact that market fluctuations and other such economic systems all have an underpinning correlation of data. In geography, it is the belief that if a butterly flaps its wings in one end of the world, it can cause a hurricane in another. In physics, its a tad more complicated. It states all subatomic and nucleonic particles are all united under ONE force, not gravity, but a very powerful force which holds the very essence of protons, electrons and neutrons together. It branches out into every facet of our existence. Infinite correlation, no probability.
"In chaos theory, everything is related, everything is with purpose and pattern"
by Dr Doom November 26, 2004
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The belief that everything that happens in the world around us is a random series of events, and that it is possible for the extremely unlikely to occur.
- Chaos theory states that everything is random and theres the extremely improbable chance that one could walk through a wall
by KRS - ONE February 3, 2007
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theory that everything explains everything
there are many theories to find which one explains the most instead of picking multiple ones
by Dong Woo April 5, 2005
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"Did you see that!? I was just mashing buttons and killed your whole team! Chaos Theory, trick!"
by TomKVideo February 17, 2009
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An extremely sexualized creepypasta character with blue hair. Sounds more like a fucking show on A&E if you ask me.
"I was reading Chaos Theory and I wasn't sure weather the boner I had was ok or just plain weird."
by Pastafarians November 6, 2014
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