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One of the very few true metal bands out there. Even better ; they're very talented. CDs like Days of Purgatory and The Glorious Burden (Anyone who claims to be a fan of true metal should proudly own The Glorious Burden, downloaded or bought.) prove that. It isn't nu metal, and it definitely isn't that 'hardcore' bullshit.
Iced Earth is one of those rare bands that show you that true metal is still alive and here to stay, even in today's age where shitacular music reigns supreme.
by GOERNR January 17, 2006

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One of the few true stealth games on the market. Popular, but still underrated really. Brought us something new for a change (Spy vs Merc multiplayer) and really fun co-op (Chaos Theory).
Casual gamers love to dispute over Splinter Cell and MGS. One popular argument being "he has 3 green lights on his head how can the dumb guards not see him?!". It is widely known that that is Sam's trademark, the guards don't actually see it. A better comparison might be Splinter Cell and Thief.
by GOERNR May 16, 2006

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One of the worst magazines I've seen yet. Laughable content includes "Top 100 Guitarists ever" or, even worst, "Top 100 bands ever". Rather than base it on skill/performance/ect, Rolling Stone thought it would be much better to simply list every popular band from the 70s and earlier.
Rolling Stone editor> top 100 bands ever... ok ummm... the beatles... umm... the beatles... uhhhh... oh, and like, that band that did the song "stairway to heaven" or something. guys I don't know any other bands

Rolling Stone editor 2> dude, just put the beatles down
by GOERNR May 12, 2006

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Takes power metal to an entire new level. Haters simply cannot handle Manowar's thundering style of music but these people usually listen to pussy nu-metal anyways.
'I was listening to Manowar's WARRIORS OF THE WORLD last night so loud that I saw the dead rising from there grave!'
by GOERNR January 11, 2006

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the most overrated lift ever, particulary in the school scene. no one cares about anything but the bench press. to further pussify the lifting scene, teens wear specialized equipment called 'bench shirts' to further their lifts with false strength.
some skinny retarded jock> -puts on bench shirt, bench presses 200, takes off bench shirt, can only bench 150- GUYS I CAN BENCH 200 AND IM ONLY 15 LOL
by GOERNR April 24, 2006

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1. Terrible color schemes.
2. Hilariously bad music list.
3. Same boring set of photos which consist of angled, black and white, or 'crank up the gamma' pics to hide pimples/fat. If that's not bad enough, there's always a retarded emo phrase underneath the pic.
4. Every word typed in alternating caps or ebonics.
5. Pages usual have 50+ flash gifs of the word 'SHORTY' or 'PRINCESS'.
6. If you're not into shitty music and shitty trends, stay away. Looking for individuality? STAY AWAY!
Guy1: hey check out this site, www.myspace.com
Guy2: hmm what's this... holy shit what the fuck is this shit? what is that terrible music playing?!
by GOERNR January 10, 2006

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One of the coolest actors ever. A ninja and not afraid to show it.
Me> damn, steven seagal is the fucking man

Retard> that guy is a shitty actor and his movies su-

Steven Seagal> -appears out of nowhere and swiftfully executes a flawless move, paralyzing the un-wise one from the back down-

Me> thanks, steven

Steven Seagal> no problemo -dissapears-
by GOERNR January 17, 2006

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