the steriotype that women have that all black guys are hot, and it pisses me off
I can't believe that bitch is stuck on night vision I aint gonna be gettin none from her
by Tony May 10, 2004
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Night Vision Whizzing ( or NVW ) is when you try to wee into the toilet bowl in a dark room. Ultimately resulting in weeing all over the seat or on the wall. But if you're a pro, you hit the jackpot every time.

Thomas: Night Vision Whizzing is a hard job to do you know!
by SnowyTheNutter July 24, 2009
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A night where you literally alternate between YouTube, porn, and urban dictionary thinking of new words to post. Most common in people ages 13-27.

This can occour any day, but usually occurs on a Saturday. By the end of the night, several words may have been submitted to urban dictionary, youve seen all 3 parts of the excited auto tune dog videos, and your dick is sore from masturbating.

But then you find yourself with published words making it all worth while

This can eventually lead to crazieness, boredom, writers block, genital warts, and even midnight cravings.

Although it has harmful effects, it can also be a lot of fun, and is best when only done once to twice a week. This often leads to pouring your hearts into a word, and often the word is destroyed instantaneously in front of yo, but you do it because it makes you happy.
(guy 1 curled up in corner shaking)

Guy 2: What happened to you?

Guy 1: whole...night....masturbating...YouTube...urban dictionary.

Guy 2: oh so you had a Night Of Vision, And Submission.
by Caseyds620 January 22, 2011
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My future is so bleak I need night vision goggles
My future is so bleak I need night vision goggles :(
by badass cajun resistor II January 17, 2021
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