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The origin is from the noun, mercenary. A mercenary is someone who will carry out combat missions but aren't part of an official organization, like the military, or CIA and are usually not motivated by justice or an allegiance. (They are usually motivated by profit) Activities associated with these "rogue agents" or "guns for hire" usually involve violence, and often killing.

So the slang verb "merc" generally means to perpetrate violence, usually killing, but can just mean to beat someone up (usually to teach them a lesson/send a message). Or it can be used figuratively, as in, "that mc just got straight merc'd in that rap battle". Similar figurative expressions could be, "Man, he just got smoked!", "Dude, you totally slaughtered that guy", "Yo, she schooled that chick", "When my boy rocks the mic, he be killin' any sucka mc that steps to him".

Like many slang terms, there is an original way to spell it and variations on spelling that can become widely accepted (it is slang after all, so normal grammar rules do not necessarily apply). Merc is the origin spelling, whereas murc, murk, merk, etc are alternates. Like some people write murda instead of murder, dood instead of dude, or dat instead of that.
"You mess with my girl again and I'll merc your ass."

"We totally merc'd the other team in COD last night."

"A guy walked in with a gun and just started mercin' people left and right."

"I heard those old school mobsters would merc somebody just for looking at them the wrong way"

"Yo, I was spittin' rhymes in this cipher last night and this whack mc stepped to me, but I straight merc'd dat foo."
by mockarena July 17, 2014
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To fuck a person up real bad or kill them in a ruthless manner
I am going to merc that nigga who talking that shit.
by Maurice November 15, 2003
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hip-hop origins taken from the word mercenary.
1. To leave.
2. To kill.
1. I'm about to merc, I say "peace" to the family. - Mos Def
2. Or mercin' the president live on Channel 7 - Non Phixion
by inkdrinker January 01, 2005
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1. short for mercenary, which is a professional soldier hired for service in a foreign army. Used by urban geeks to describe the culprit in a fantasy ambush.
2. anyone who serves or works merely for monetary gain; a mugger
Last night when I was walking home Jonn dropped down out of a tree and tried to merc me with some shurikens like he's a fuckin' ghetto ninja!"
by Herb N. Dictionary October 25, 2002
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A: A group of people who go around fucking people up really bad, and/or killing them.

B: the pluralization of merc.
A: Those Mercs totally fucked up those dudes!

B: That dude is pretty crazy, he just Mercs people like all day long.
by Ghettosmoke June 12, 2010
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a merc is a short way of saying Mercedes-Benz. mostly used in Europe. the word merc can be found in the cult classic book 50 Shades of Gray. also another good place to hear this word is on the UK Top Gear.
i love how when im watching the UK top gear they call my Mercedes-Benz a Merc, it makes it sound so slick and bad ass.
by fireboy451 June 11, 2012
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A physical discription of someone as hot or sexy. It can also discribe an event that just happened to you as awesome.
Dude that chick is Merc.
Did you just see what happened to matt that was merc.
by Lunchboxxmi August 25, 2008
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