Acronym for Metal Gear Solid. A popular game by Hideo Kojima.
Dude i just bought MGS 3: Snake Eater today. Holy shit that games awesome.
by The Puppet Master January 17, 2006
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"Metal GEAR solid" 1998 video game, in East London is a brand new way to call a cocaine drug dealer. Good way to avoid to catch the attention of people around.
Aw man, yesterday I text MGS and we had a very long night out out.
Let's call MGS tonight
I texted MGS and he was quite fast
by simo984 June 8, 2021
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Hmph, I'm mad at you, heard MGSs were all over you last night.
by P-bear88 August 14, 2011
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Acronym meaning Magical Green Stuff*, referring to marijuana.

*Created by a group of students from BCC.
Person 1: yo, you got some mgs on you?
Person 2: you know it!

Person 1: Aight... well, what are we waiting for? Let's go smoke up!
by axel-tango-moonlight March 17, 2010
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Mind Gutter Syndrome

The process of reading sexual intent or meaning into innocent remarks or situations.
1: I hope I have studs in the wall.
2: There are Studs in the wall?
1: You clearly suffer from MGS.


1: You're the best waiter I've had all night.
2: She says that to <b>all</b> the waiters.
Waiter: MGS? I've heard chocolate alleviates the symptoms.
1&2: You are the best we've had all night.
by pokeystar February 14, 2008
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A corruption of the much more frequently used MPS (Mega Piss Skill) - but instead of relating to urinary annihilation of a office cubicle/train toilet/public bog,is short for Mega Gas Skill.

A coded means of relating to a friend in a crowded place (Lift, Bus, Train , Plain, Automobile ) you've just increased your carbon footprint with a noxious emission.

Global warming begins with the seat of the pants, and violation of the olfactory organ.
Ted : "I've got MGS"

Petey : "I know because my nose is bleeding and my eyes are running."
by LostJimmy May 18, 2009
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